Thursday, 16 June 2011

Songs for my uke.

I'm so glad I'm finding a few more songs to add to my list for the uke. Else it'll pale with what I can sing to on the guitar and poor uki will be sad and get flat.

Well other than somewhere over the rainbow and what a wonderful world and Singapura and the easy songs like hey soul sister, I've found that lullabys sound great! I've always loved singing lullabys! Secretly planning/fantasying singing children to sleep. Shena did mention I should be in childcare instead of tuition. Reading stories, "nurturing", feeding, more enriching stuff! Anyway I'm totally not focused on grades. I rather tell them stories and hopefully interest them in the wonders of science or english... not really for maths HAHA. Nor chemistry... HEHEH

Now I've ten songs! yay! alot of the same artist though its nice i'm such a copy cat.... 20 for guitar yay!

I'm getting more... confident with my singing. Really much more. I used to be soooooooo restrained. I couldn't at all. Most often at home, due to my mom's overly frank criticisms which made me angry because I felt I knew better than her and resented her comparisons. But now I'm a whole new me! I sing anything and so openly, we went to the new house often you see, to discuss renovations. And I love the echos I just sang and sang and nowadays she doesn't say much. :) doesn't say much at all but I do know she's proud. I think... hmmm... not sure. hahaha. I showed her the video of me at grad night for the seniors. heh I was so shy and odd on stage it was quite awkward! I even squirmed and I keep closing my eyes while singing! But somehow I can't wait for it again! AHHHH after so long and finally it comes along...

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