Saturday, 18 June 2011


We're looking for ideas for reupholstering our favourite sofa sets and came across this. Can you believe that this is miniature?! Looks so realistic. Anyway this is such a pretty colour I think we're getting green too!

Look at her miniature stuff! Peach blossom hill

Had tuition today, I think its more of story book session as he doesn't read before hand and we have to get this done before his literature class starts. Animal farm! I finally read it this week before teaching him. I don't know how to describe it! communism, political, government, social classes. OOH LALA. Poor Jackwin will be confused...

I came home and found harddisks of Humbear while ma was packing his stuff. Looked through them and though there were lots of files and documents I only took the ones that are worth remembering like photos and found a short video when I was 16. Wish there was more but we never were very photo/video orientated people.

I'm going over to shing's house soon! yay.

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