Saturday, 18 June 2011

Budak Pantai

Went to YMCA for the regular Budak Pantai concert with bosty and his friend which I don't really talk. Hmm I seldom talk to friend's friends.. Budak had a few new songs today. Some not so nice some nice. I love how they're so old with families already and still singing together, having fun, progressing in a hobby. Heh the guitarist. hehe.

Father's day is tomorrow.... They sang a song for it. what an awful awful song.

the part I can remember

, "... I wasn't there the morning my father passed away, ... perhaps I could feel his spirit in the air... I didn't get the chance to say we didn't see eye to eye..." chorus is like " we can listen as well as we can hear... something something... say it loud and true/clear... before we die"

It started off with a funny "circle of life intro" which blended into living life and grasping time before we die. and then it hit me, the words, like a freeze gun hah. the verse so explicit so direct so vivid.

My ma called me and asked me if i had lessons, told me to come home and bring her to TTSH. She had sore throat and needed to see the doctor. She did sound awful so I took a cab back after breakfast. She said she didn't want Humbear to worry he had to work so didn't tell him. I wanted to call him while in the cab but I thought I'll do that later. I reached home and asked ma to hurry lets go. But she was on the phone talking strangely about some other person. I saw his shoes at the doorway. I saw his bag untouched and I started calling for him through the house. Then I start calling for ma to explain to me for how could he leave the house without his shoes. I mostly mostly almost kept calm as ma told me. then I called shing to ask stuff. I thought everything was all right and he'll wake up like in the drama series. I couldn't wait to get to TTSH but thinking people would fetch us we waited for a while but in the end went by ourselves, waiting for cabs. how nice. 
Anyway that was a good, fun song but really awful to my ears. I realised they don't tell us the titles to their songs. Sometimes I'm not in love with the songs but its so unique and the ending chords are so strange and funny.

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