Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Shing's bday card :D click it!

 Quoting someone from facebook.

My parents: the sweetest people on earth ever. Missing mum's daily warm embraces. No more goodnight hugs for the next couple of months darn it.>.<"

No more goodnight hugs.

Monday, 15 August 2011

What do I want to be remembered for?

I like this necklace I received from Sipei my cousin for my birthday. I can make any word!

I'm so happy I had my neighbour ask me to help her catch this little darling. :)

Focusing on something to smile about each day, has made me forget about unhappy stuff for a while. But would you deem this as temporary happiness or would you see it as appreciating every aspect of life? Sometimes the simplest things should be cherished as much as the sophisticated stuff. (enlightenment, detachment, knowledge yada yada papaya) Don't you think?

Sunday, 14 August 2011

My new hair. AHhhhh

Ashley took these cool photos. I hope she'll do well in this year's exams.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Baby Changeable lizard

 I spotted this little guy on the pavement one early morning. How lucky can I be! I still hesitate when attempting to catch the adults and always fail but this time I'm so lucky to hold this little guy!
 Refer to previous post on changeable lizard :)

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Everyday smiling

I'm inspired by a personal project my senior is doing, to post something to be grateful of everyday day for a year. A photo that is.

I shall put something to smile about for each day! At least if I've nothing to say, at least I've something to show. :)

 My pretty lights :)

I love post its. HAHA :)

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Updates on the house

Well the sofa's have arrived from re-upholstery, the kitchen cabinets are half done. WITHOUT DOORS AND TABLE TOP! What is this. How many weeks has it been since the promised deadline? if cannot make it don't make empty promises!! Its probably why some people don't get far in their career with attitudes like these.

But overall we are still satisfied :)

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Mom's birthday

My mom didn't like to celebrate her birthday.

"Cannot celebrate birthday see what happened to Humbear" So sorry. I didn't know I shouldn't bring him out and treat for the first time for the 60th birthday. Of course if I believed that 10 days later this would happen I'll still do that because I don't believe its the cause of it. Also don't believe that my facial condition would link to this.

 At least she was pretty welcoming and happy with the pretty cake and petite candles :)

Surprised her!

Well Look at what I found in Humbear's wallet. I have his funny ears. :)

Priscilla Ahn...

I cannot remember what happened on Monday. Oh. lost in bidding, moved stuff to school, had a horrible room, came home, prepared for TUESDAY!!!

So important is this concert such that I fasted from her music for the past two weeks. Yupp for a fortnight I refrained from listening to Priscilla Ahn's music. My first and so far only idol. When she came on stage and almost immediately sang DREAM.... I was close to tears! AGAIN! (maybe I'm having mood/hormonal swings).

Photos with P.Ahn will be up when I get them from Huiting's friend Siti. I hope she doesn't lose them like how Huiting lost my photo with Budak Pantai!!! I love those guys. Danny's cute heheheheheheeeee....

Anyway P.Ahn's new album's music is much like her old one but with different collaborations and musical effects on the keyboard. Its still very whimsical and quirky with a sweet tune. Watching her performance live is brilliant! I think its the way she communicates with the audience, telling stories of how she came up with the song, relating us to the meaning of the song to her, this is much better than just picking up the song from the CD, not knowing fully what is the message of the meaning of the song to the songwriter.

I nearly flared up at a good but not too close friend online. So close. I think I'm getting moody over everyone being too busy for each other. Getting insistent that we all have to be, you know... together forever. crazy woo wee..
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National Day Parade Preview.

I love NDP. I love SG!

I want to always attend NDP live. I know its like sometimes quite propaganda-ish... but I love this country all the same. I love the fact that we are and will continue to be racially harmonious, and we have all this international people, and we have HDBs and unique housing structure. I love the town, the MRT the keeping clean policies, and how its mostly peaceful.

This year's parade was a blast, some songs were so funny because of how amazingly propaganda-ish it can be! "I gotta work I gotta work I GOTTA WORK! I gotta rush I gotta rush I gotta RUSH!" And how they infused history all over again but in a new way. How many times can you tell the same story of the Prince and the boat and the lion without it getting stale? Apparently many times! :D I love this year's theme song in a heartbeat (as posted in the earlier blog post), and how they infused the whole song, verse by verse into different parts of the musical.

Also they managed to infuse the military showcase into the storyline, well though it was a dream (you know how you can write Pri school compos as a dream and anything can happen?) it was still good.

Do you ever feel so much for the country you get moved by the anthem and pledge to tears? THATS ME!

NDP makes me all hyper and participative. There was only one wave this time though. how lousy. I don't like how people don't participate and give stares at people (I.E me) who do. I want to spit in their goodie bags cause they make me so mad and unhappy. :( I'll cheer and holler whenever I want if you please. Ridiculous. Don't go for a parade if you're gonna be all stone and silent! come on you can do that in front of your telly!

Not much photos cause Bosty found me irritating as well.