Thursday, 9 June 2011


I've gone to this country twice now and I"m falling in love with it! In fact I think I've fallen in love with almost all the countries I've been too except perhaps Hong Kong and Taiwan. There's this tugging feeling in me to revisit all the countries I've been to countless times. I want to live everywhere, not a short tour for a week but perhaps a month or two. Perhaps it could be called a traveller's itch, or a wandering something. My eyes are open, taking in everything, my senses heightened and I feel free and uninhibited, perhaps even more daring.

Let see, Cambodia.... The food is different from chinese, indian, malay, western, japanese... etc... I would call it Khmer/Vietnamese. Cause I know that Vietnamese food is very similar. There's so much lime I love it! porridge with lime, soup with lime, drinks with lime, pepper with lime, fish with unripe mango, salad with mango, I love the incorporation of fruits into the dishes. Gives the meats a very fresh tangy taste. I love palm tree fruit, palm tree sugar, palm tree juice (fermented). This palm tree fruit has a texture like nata de coco and atap seed combined. There's a delicacy which consists of a boiled fertilised duck egg with a young duckling inside, that I couldn't eat because I could not work out how to swallow and digest the beak and legs and feathers! But the sauce provided was nice.

The people of Cambodia that I've met are all so friendly, the children whom we taught started to grow on me and I wept torrents last year when we left Kampung spur. This year the class I taught got my handphone number and called me a few times before I left cambodia. I didn't get a chance to communicate across that overseas they can no longer call me :( I just hope they retain some motivation or inspiration. I know that the sustainability of the knowledge we transferred would last only a week or so but I hope the impact and impression we have may spur their future endeavours....

Angkor WATTTTTTT!!!! I think there's people who spend a week or so exploring each temple. Though I don't have the patience or attention span to do that I would like to spend more time there, perhaps with breaks in between else I zone out when the guide is talking. I think this happens quite often, I remember in Italy on a JC trip I also zone out after my brain is so saturated with the history of the places and statues and what nots.

I feel that I'm familiar with my way around Siem Reap especially because its a small city and most of the activity takes place in a small area of 4 or 5 roads. Also its a major tourist hub, the tuk-tuk drivers speak english, shop keepers speak english, the touristy areas are within driving distance, the markets walking distance, the motel is cheap and I remember the way back...

One day I'll go back again. Probably no longer with the OCIP team of course. It was a good run.

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