Friday, 29 July 2011

Blank paper.

I like to share stuff about myself. I don't know why. Hmmmm I don't think everyone likes to share why? I'm just wary of people not being interested. How to tell? I need to talk like Karen. When she talks people listen, I think. I don't want to wait till I grow old and start babbling and no one listens hahaha.

I watched a ball of Nugget's fur (after being thrown out by me) fly about and whisk into the neighbour's window. :)

I don't want to believe wiki.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

You'll realise how little you know of a subject despite focused research and two textbooks you'll only write at 1 tenth of your usual pace.

I could churn out 2 Ecology reports by now. I'm not distracted. This is difficult.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

the view from the kitchen :)

i hate headaches.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011


Ask me how I feel and I'll say I'm fine. I don't want to lie. It just comes out too fast. Wait a while and I'll get to telling you. "I'm fine" is like an introductory statement.

Anyway the contractor sucks. I'm not being mean. He is lousy and lazy and the moment I met him I should've trusted my gut feeling to go with paying more. Can you imagine you make an appointment to meet at 8 and me and my mom are waiting at the place at 8 and you sms at 830 saying you'll be late? YA DUH 830! and you arrive at 9++. So I realised we can judge a person's attitude towards work the same way. LATE.

There is no kitchen in the house. Painting was done last night at 10pm.

However I'm feeling good because the house is really beautiful. Penthouse! HAHAHAHA

I can't wait to have friends over! Me and my mom like the idea of gatherings. The idea. Because after we get tired we actually don't know how to ask people to leave hahahaha....

ommanepadehum for the contractor to be nice. ommmm

random: empty house is really nice for singing. :)

Dear piano. I'm sorry.

I just read a blog post of a friend regarding doing the bare minimum practicing piano and not improving.

I think about myself, because recently an increase in situations have put me in front of the piano with people who are interested but never played. And I join them. I must confess that despite all these years, despite the piano that is going to be lugged over by 6 men with ropes and mattresses heaving and grunting for $200 and  DESPITE the digital one sitting there now, I've given up and for a LONG LONG TIME I've been claiming that.... I know naught of the playing of the piano. Don't look at me don't ask me to sit down play a song, me? I don't know how to play no no no no.....

To me, 90% of this I feel is true. This is not a baseless claim. I know how to play a piece of two, that 10%.

To me making music should have the thought and understanding of music. What I can do with the piano, is play a piece that has been drilled physically and audio-ly into my fingers and brain. No scales, poor sight reading, no tempo understanding, UGH rhythm, time signatures! I haven't been using my brain. Reproduce the music ah yes can, tempo, "the word that sums up the volume changes and movement thingy", notes, drill it get it, but understand, retain, making it slighlty your own... not me.

I'm a robot and I have quit. I rather not do anything with it. Its shameful.

Why I haven't used my brain. I keep sleeping when I start to touch the piano. I play a piece or two once or twice, sprawl across the bench and knock out from the exhaustion of my brain. hahahaha. I have a theory that my brain shuts down if I concentrate really hard. Is concentrating the same as focusing??

Regardless of all this, I am not without a skill, I believe that I make a wonderful audience...... except if I concentrate too hard I fall asleep!!!! HAHAHA.....

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Semantic Satiation

-this I have quite often.

Hairy potty is brillant. I like how snape says SWINE! makes me think of kwei. The air of arrogance. though the speech is slower and so articulate. I don't mind watching it again! Of course I have to watch it repeatedly, but i don't mind watching it in the cinemas ahhhhhn....

OH I shan't say much, mafer hasn't watched it. OOPS ;X

Friday, 15 July 2011

Moving house

Reading letters is the worst way to reminisce.

too much ahhh!

Saturday, 9 July 2011

 Me and Shing went to Rosyth! Its really great didn't expect to be let in but hehehe we were charming enough :D
 This is the lecture theatre where choir practices were held at! And the library is next to it, is were I spent most of my free time. :) Shing and cher plays neopets and I read! Now they've attained a fantastic collection of books.
 AHHHH 2001 SYF! Who do we see?

Friday, 8 July 2011

In chronological order:

And these blog articles.

After doing this I ponder... Well I shan't say anything about this. Just trying to get it out of my head.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

My jaw

I wish I didn't dislocate my jaw.

It gets stuck alot of times now!

I can't eat properly now. Can't chew large mouthfuls or chunky meats. UH OH! I hope its not permanent! I like to eat. I have to eat! HAHA. I can't lie sideways and yawn! What if i can't sing?

onomatopoeia : words like UGH! BLERGH! RIBBIT! HEEHAW! CHEEPCHEEP! OINK! D'oh! :D I like this word.

The Green Crested Lizard

The Green Adventurer by VicWasHere ::
The Green Adventurer, a photo by VicWasHere :: on Flickr.

Look how pretty they are :)
The green crested lizard, now this species is the one which is native to Singapore like my beloved Plantain squirrel. Its been out competed by the changeable lizard which inhabit the same habitat as well as has the same niche. This is starting to sound like a good FYP.

If only.

There's so many good photos on flickr I wonder why the wildlife websites that are official have sch low quality ones I think people should sell photos to them. Wildlife photography is so interesting. Being a researcher sometimes its so hard to put a visual aspect into words. Nowadays the technology is so powerful! I'm sure many researchers wish to have great photos of their specimens.

Green Crested Lizard by Shawn14595YOu can see the Green crested lizard is of a vibrant striking colour. This may be a reason why its being out competed so easily by its counterpart which is an olive to brown colour, blending in well with the wood and more urban landscapes now.

Maybe its too soon to say but NUS campus and clementi woods park has no green crested lizards, I shall head down to lower pierce and those reserviors around there.

Green Crested Lizard, a photo by Shawn14595 on Flickr.

Changeable Lizard

Changeable Lizard by Praveen.G
Changeable Lizard, a photo by Praveen.G on Flickr.
WOW better one. I wanna hold it.

Changeable Lizard

Changeable Lizard by altaira1124
Changeable Lizard, a photo by altaira1124 on Flickr.
This one is a well grown male I'm guessing, the ones I try to catch are like lanky youths :)

Today is a good day

Well I do mean yesterday. 6/7/11

I woke up early, studied for my test, was a lil sleepy throughout the journey to school.

Then the day got really good when I was walking to sci fac from the src busstop at about 3pm and I spotted a changable lizard within reach! Was my second attempt at catching one of these and I feel braver! During my first attempt in KE7 I was too hesitant and thought the lizard was brave an taunting, I couldn't catch it and it ended up seriously like a scene from bollywood film around the coconut tree. (well it was a palm tree :) )

So that made me glad!

Then I went for my test, didn't have a pencil for a MCQ paper!!! AHHH but very glad my friend had an extra. Test was good!!!! I think. Yippie! What a nice lecturer with nice mix of easy and tough questions. I didn't understand the word tenuous for one of the options and had to ask :( :(. I said I didn't know the meaning of this. After he told me he apologised for using difficult words! SO SWEET!

After the test the sun was shining the day was still cool the lizards were BASKING!!! I spotted on within reach and for my THIRD attempt, I touched it! It thought I wasn't going to harm it, it probably thought I didn't see it, I nearly got it but since it was on a piece of bark and I covered its tail, it managed to slip off and fall head over heels onto the ground and scampered off. :( I'm still elated thought! I touched it!

HAHA I thought I would have a go at the next lizard basking on a tree root but just as I was about to crouch down, two squirrels my favourite plantain squirrels BURST out of the bushes and jumped at the lizard and at me as well! Awesome day yes?!

:) sighs. happy sighs.

After this I was pretty tired, squeezed with the office people all the way back to hougang for tuition at 730, napped at the void deck, had a yummy curry puff... :)

Tuition today was good as well! told her about mummies and pyramids and removing of brains! Helped her with project work of lions and pandas and bears!

Quite worn out by the time I had to make my way back. Do wish I didn't have to travel it was a pain, but my day was better as I made the bus driver's day better cause I was in the mood to greet him on and off the bus. :)

Good day!