Monday, 25 April 2011

Campbell's Tomato Juice

Campbell's Tomato Juice by flowahdesign
Campbell's Tomato Juice a photo by flowahdesign on Flickr.
If you love sour, saltly, sweet, overwhelming taste and pulp. UH my favourite healthier drink! Its seems to be like drink concentrate and I can't stop! Gotta love it :) try!

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Lullatone - little songs about raindrops

This is such a whimsical song :)
Brightens up my day after being reminded of the fragility of life.

Lullatone's album is available at any amount of donation and all proceeds go to Japan :) click here!!

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Priscilla Ahn - The Boobs Song (LittleMissNuttz cover)

Graduation Night

11 April 2011 was a very good day indeed.

I completed one presentation for UROPS, it went perfectly and was very enjoyable.

Also, I finally plucked up the courage to sing without the comforts of 50 other voices in chorus.
I performed for KEVII's Graduation Night. :) Although it was not my turn to graduate, I think it is my last year in KEVII and I really wanted to show my gratitude and love for this hall, this family, this second home of mine for 2 years.

Dream- Priscilla Ahn and Time to Say Goodbye- Andrea Bocelli.

There's only one thing I regretted that night. I regret how I only felt so welcomed so befriended so happy with hall during the final semester here. Maybe its me, maybe its the circumstances no-one can do anything about, maybe its just the way things were. Despite that, it leaves me yearning for more, and also cherishing the moments passed.

Thank you King Edward VII Hall. Some say its the people, the friends that make the hall stay memorable. That of course is true to a large extent, but I feel that somehow there seems to be a spirit of KEVII hall that brings so many of us together, that shelters us and nurtures us in this period of which we are finally on the verge, on the edge of the cliff, on the brink of taking wing.

Though many of us may continue to cling on to the nest, yearning for more time in the comforts of the arms of KEVII, we have our time, each different. The different circumstances, choices, actions has led to this, sometimes trying would be in vain. Lets boldly take flight, a running leap off the cliff. How else to learn to fly after you've gained the theory? I hope I can hold on to this theory when it comes to the big graduation :)

I didn't study

What to do... I don't want to calculate if its even possible to pull up the grade with the final paper.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Please don't keep asking me when am I celebrating my birthday. Its gonna be ON my birthday. Its okay if you wanna celebrate it on the same day. I won't force our friends to come to mine or to choose but obviously I'm not gonna go to yours. Even if I'm not celebrating it I won't go to another's birthday on my own. Obviously. Maybe you don't know me that well but I'm not THAT accommodating.

I haven't planned, haven't invited. I hope that despite the late notice those that I ask will still be able to make it. I hope I hope I hope. There's only gonna be a few people. :)

I just had 4 slices of pizza for supper and like 3 glasses of pepsi. UH OH.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011


I feel so stressed I start skipping school. I think that if I were to sit through another lecture and feel that saturation and the lecturer's words flying past me I'll explode. Not to mention feeling all hopeless beside my friends. They are so awesome and helpful but they wouldn't be able to help on the spot when I'm not taking a single information in and getting all restless and stressed.

Two more weeks...