Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Monday, February 21, 2011

I've just finished watching "Mona Lisa smile" starring Julia Roberts and Kristen Dunst.

For all those aimlessly wandering, not all who wander are lost.

Its a deep and thought provoking movie that gives insights into the crossing over of ladies into womanhood in the 50's. I love the 50's, with swing dancing and poodle skirts, or rock and roll and parties and everyone in dresses.

I love how studying is an active and determined decision that takes effort to go against societal ideals.

Despite how everything is revolving around "women have greater rights now, Women are equal, women are able to continue their studies" It should not be about what we should do, fulfilling societal ideals (current one being continuing further studies be successful in a job). I believe it should instead be that everyone should do what they want. On the same note, it is important for us to be educated and inspired with what life has to offer. Live life with open eyes and opinions such that what we know our choices and would lead fulfilling and enriching lives.

Be successful Be happy.

Study hard Learn.

Seize the day.

Funny thing about this phrase Carpe Diem, My previous school used it in a fashion to urge us to grasp hold of time and so to speak "chiong" "mug" study for our upcoming examinations.

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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Friday, February 04, 2011

LSM 2101 Metabolism and regulation.

LSM 2102 Molecular biology

LSM 2251 Ecology and Environment

EL1101E The Nature of Language

LAK1201 Korean

LSM2288 The Diet of Urban squirrels.


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I shall be planning a SMALL hopefully VERY small birthday party. On the day itself. If you think you'll be included please keep yourself free. Small like nuclear besties cliques.

void deck,
the other void deck,
CC hall,
CC dance studio.

HAHAHAHA kopitiam downstairs eat crab.
kidding thats too ex.

void decks have no electrical output. so would be weird without music.

I dislike chalets.

tea/cake. not a meal thing.
either extremely kiddy games. (everyone has to oblige to my fantastical wishes)
or not so kiddy games.
or the boredom of no games sit and look at each other
OR share our hopes and dreams. HAHAHA
or ask my wonderful friends to each give musical performances!! MUAHAHAHHA. I like this one. harp... heeheehee...

PINK. Or maybe pink and green. or shiny... or animals...

OR NO PARTY. because we in mourning... I don't know why my mom does this to me. constantly reminding me. just when I finished typing this. BLAH!!

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I miss CNY.
I do not like the idea of telling everyone we're busy doing something else and hence cannot go visiting or be visited and end up sitting at home moping.
However I also agree we shouldn't go visiting or celebrate the festive season.
Its just the lying. Maybe we should tell everyone Don't visit us, we're not visiting you. We have to stay home and mourn. However, that would make many people feel bad.

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Saturday, 12 February 2011

Friday, February 11, 2011

I don't care what sort of awesome bacteria are breeding in my oral passage and if they talk in high squeaky voices and have cute little eyes I want them gone!!! I'm not very unwell I just have waterfalls of mucus that makes bubbles on my nose in CLASS! I want it all to go away so I can sing soon. :)

So there's one thing I do not like about living in hall. Its when the time of day is perfectly fine to make noise and I'm actually making MUSIC and my neighbour texts me to ask really politely to lower my volume. Hey this is like 4 in the afternoon... frowns. I know they can hear me but I NEVER heard a sound from them so how do I know relatively how well they can hear me? For all I know it sounds like the walls are soundproof because they are that silent. And of course I'll wait till they're out before I attempt high choral songs... ET asked me if I missed choir. I answered with a definate yes much to my own surprise. :) we were toilet singing. I love the toilet. It has superb acoustics as in it reverbs and makes you sound superb too! I would love a home that is built in this way in the future. OR a toilet as large a a home HAHAHA.

I'm really hooked on Priscilla Ahn's music currently. whimsical tunes and voice and youthful dreamy lyrics.

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Thursday, 10 February 2011

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

 Art Artist / science scientist

/ merger? How?

something has ignited me. :) My art may not be abstract, may not be deep, may not have meaning, it may be plain, kiddy, not artistic... but somehow it still makes me feel good to be creating. Ok start small.

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