Friday, 16 January 2015


Is it nice, to have a comment or even an opinion, on every person in your vicinity? It is not wrong of course, but how does this behaviour cost you? I couldn't have imagined knowing a person who behaves like what is portrayed on media and only high-school, chick flick media.

Perhaps the behavior starts of as passing good comments, 'praises'. Then in the midst of judging people naturally you criticize as well. And soon everyone you meet passes under judgement. ARE YOU RUNNING A BEAUTY PAGEANT? Are you scouting for a model? Who are you to judge people, especially on the surface? If you going to have an opinion, have it on people's actions, behaviour, form and constantly shape your morals and your expectations of good and bad actions. How can forming and constantly engaging with your idea of beauty benefit a your life in the long run?

It is normal for one to occasionally have opinions on other's looks when something strikes you or when someone's appearance is out of the ordinary or exceptional. But I know that is not the case with this behaviour. This behaviour is one that proactively scans a crowd, a photo, a friend. Its does not result in a light-hearted/genuine comment or appraisal anymore.

I'm afraid, for how this behaviour changes my friends and how they will grow with it. Is it to the extent of a vice, that corrodes their mind and their mentality? We shape society. And yet is this the direction it continues to go?

Should one do nothing when interacting with friends like these, in fear of destroying, ruining, tarnishing a friendship? Or should one have faith in the relationship and attempt to discuss the behaviour? Is this akin to sharing of religion(belief)? To laugh, ignore, agree to behaviour like this not only condones it, but I believe it affects the peers as well. To agree out of peer pressure, to laugh and play along with it, shapes your mentality as well. Strangely, I care for my friends yet fear the outcome of sharing my thoughts.

So of course balance is key. Share my thoughts and whatever happens, let it be, let it beeeee, let it be, let it beeee.

How can you see when your eyes are blinded with an opinion? How can you feel when all you are thinking about is what you thought you saw?

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