Friday, 16 January 2015

The right to dress how we want

We do have the rights to dress however we want. After acknowledging this, do we still dress like a 'slut'? Referencing 'Slutwalk'.

I have the right as a pedestrian to cross traffic crossings without being killed, does that mean I cross blindly? or stand in the middle of the road?

I also have the right to live in a safe environment but does that mean I take my safety for granted?

Dressing revealingly is akin to living on the edge, probably gives you the adrenaline kick from doing so as well. And I'm not saying it is the causation for any negative outcomes to come, I'm saying, at your own risk.

Similarly, I should be able to walk without my property taken away from me (because stealing is wrong and illegal), but then again should I walk about with an open handbag with my valuables up for grabs? I'm not taking the blame away from the criminal, I'm saying don't give them the chance.

Protect what you cherish.

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