Friday, 16 January 2015


12/13: First year at work. Also the year I spent most on the LDR. The LDR is unlike the BFG. It's a growing green creature that saps and devours you, constantly asking for more and more and is never satisfied.

13/14: Masters of Science. Fantastic year filled with new experiences, 13 new countries and more photos than I could ever edit.

14/15: Starting work again and the LDR is back. The LDR doesn't creep into your life in the middle of the night and take root. The LDR is a showy attention seeking creature, announces its arrival and grabs hold of you and your heart with a vice-like grip. The LDR has sharp claws on its fingers which it used to prod you at night, or even anytime during the day just to remind you its there. The moment of its arrival, the LDR grabs hold of your heart and drags it down into the depths of your stomach and engulfs it, compressing it tightly and only lets go when your heart doesn't resist its clutches. Probably like a dominating ritual.

We've decided to take control of the LDR this year. Not going to give it too much freedom getting its way all the time. Not gonna let it stay up till 4 and 5am before going to bed anymore. I'm going to put my foot down! But it is hard. It doesn't argue but it punishes you for it.

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