Wednesday, 14 January 2015


Moving your life to another country is often disorientating. Moving back to live with your parents is even more as with the drop in the control in your life. Especially having lost my room and personal space, clothes and belongings to deep storage and in the end living out of my luggage as if I was still ready to go. Finding back your physical and living space is a process not to be rushed

Singapore is a fast-paced society and to be able to co-exist with this country and another, I've realised to take each return home as if I'm meeting a new country for the first time. No more complacency with prior knowledge and the confidence that I know the social norms. Treating my homeland as a new country is the strangest thing. Being curious, eager to learn and explore would be a benefit, else I would be holed up at home( in the common living space) doing internet stuff. Things to do now would include:

  1. Taking initiative to explore new areas (or old ones, you never know what has changed)
  2. Making more proactive plans and activities
  3. Being touristy includes being aware of public transport changes, the new trendy hangouts and must eats.
  4. Don't beat yourself up over not knowing things

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