Thursday, 7 July 2011

The Green Crested Lizard

The Green Adventurer by VicWasHere ::
The Green Adventurer, a photo by VicWasHere :: on Flickr.

Look how pretty they are :)
The green crested lizard, now this species is the one which is native to Singapore like my beloved Plantain squirrel. Its been out competed by the changeable lizard which inhabit the same habitat as well as has the same niche. This is starting to sound like a good FYP.

If only.

There's so many good photos on flickr I wonder why the wildlife websites that are official have sch low quality ones I think people should sell photos to them. Wildlife photography is so interesting. Being a researcher sometimes its so hard to put a visual aspect into words. Nowadays the technology is so powerful! I'm sure many researchers wish to have great photos of their specimens.

Green Crested Lizard by Shawn14595YOu can see the Green crested lizard is of a vibrant striking colour. This may be a reason why its being out competed so easily by its counterpart which is an olive to brown colour, blending in well with the wood and more urban landscapes now.

Maybe its too soon to say but NUS campus and clementi woods park has no green crested lizards, I shall head down to lower pierce and those reserviors around there.

Green Crested Lizard, a photo by Shawn14595 on Flickr.

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