Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Dear piano. I'm sorry.

I just read a blog post of a friend regarding doing the bare minimum practicing piano and not improving.

I think about myself, because recently an increase in situations have put me in front of the piano with people who are interested but never played. And I join them. I must confess that despite all these years, despite the piano that is going to be lugged over by 6 men with ropes and mattresses heaving and grunting for $200 and  DESPITE the digital one sitting there now, I've given up and for a LONG LONG TIME I've been claiming that.... I know naught of the playing of the piano. Don't look at me don't ask me to sit down play a song, me? I don't know how to play no no no no.....

To me, 90% of this I feel is true. This is not a baseless claim. I know how to play a piece of two, that 10%.

To me making music should have the thought and understanding of music. What I can do with the piano, is play a piece that has been drilled physically and audio-ly into my fingers and brain. No scales, poor sight reading, no tempo understanding, UGH rhythm, time signatures! I haven't been using my brain. Reproduce the music ah yes can, tempo, "the word that sums up the volume changes and movement thingy", notes, drill it get it, but understand, retain, making it slighlty your own... not me.

I'm a robot and I have quit. I rather not do anything with it. Its shameful.

Why I haven't used my brain. I keep sleeping when I start to touch the piano. I play a piece or two once or twice, sprawl across the bench and knock out from the exhaustion of my brain. hahahaha. I have a theory that my brain shuts down if I concentrate really hard. Is concentrating the same as focusing??

Regardless of all this, I am not without a skill, I believe that I make a wonderful audience...... except if I concentrate too hard I fall asleep!!!! HAHAHA.....

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