Tuesday, 19 July 2011


Ask me how I feel and I'll say I'm fine. I don't want to lie. It just comes out too fast. Wait a while and I'll get to telling you. "I'm fine" is like an introductory statement.

Anyway the contractor sucks. I'm not being mean. He is lousy and lazy and the moment I met him I should've trusted my gut feeling to go with paying more. Can you imagine you make an appointment to meet at 8 and me and my mom are waiting at the place at 8 and you sms at 830 saying you'll be late? YA DUH 830! and you arrive at 9++. So I realised we can judge a person's attitude towards work the same way. LATE.

There is no kitchen in the house. Painting was done last night at 10pm.

However I'm feeling good because the house is really beautiful. Penthouse! HAHAHAHA

I can't wait to have friends over! Me and my mom like the idea of gatherings. The idea. Because after we get tired we actually don't know how to ask people to leave hahahaha....

ommanepadehum for the contractor to be nice. ommmm

random: empty house is really nice for singing. :)

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