Monday, 18 June 2012


It was a beautiful calm Thursday afternoon and we've launched the boat from the slipway, clambered onto the boat from the jetty. I was sitting behind the console applying sunscreen before we set off when Tess turned as asked me if i wanted to drive the boat! I was like "Noo.... hahaha..." thinking she was joking. So she asked again, I said "No really?!" And she was serious!

It is not easy! Quite heavy to put the engines into gear and the steering is much less responsive due to the water, so if you've turned right you need to counter turn to the left quite a bit to go straight after. I'm so proud of myself! Feeling good. :) Just came back from camping as well, will write about that in another post. It was a well deserved break from the office and sea days. I've been doing photo identification of bottle-nosed dolphins as fast as I can, hoping to be set to the acoustics analysis soon before I go, I think I would benefit more from learning those skills. Data collection is a serious business here in the field of research and I'm impressed with the administration and how they use efficient software to enter the data and okay I don't know about the statistical analysis, have to read up on my own for that, they won't need me to do that.

Southern Right Whale!

Spotted this one off the north coast on the calmest of days. 4/6/12. Hardly any wind, the sea was like a sheet of glass.  To me this beastie was huge already! the biggest animal I've seen so far, can you imagine if I was to ever meet a sperm whale or humpback! One day, maybe. The Right whale was about twice the length of our boat. I'm trying not to be too touristy here, I know the rest probably had their touristy spells and took all their touristy photos already. So all these boat photos are taken sneakily behind their backs probably from my jacket pocket! Embarrassing haha but its difficult and I'm proud of these few good photos I have. 

Its freezing here, the wind chills you to the bone and the openess of the town makes it colder. When I was in NY and the temperature was lower than this, it didn't feel as cold due to the buildings I suppose. Ah but out at sea my nose could've fallen off! Snuggling into a cold duvet and furry blanket on a queen-size bed now. :) I'm the lucky one among the interns for getting the larger bed, I suppose they're being nice by not taking over this bed when the intern for may left. Tomorrow's gonna be an office day!

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