Saturday, 2 June 2012

34 hours, 5 airports, 4 flights.

It was tough. Sleeping at OR Tambo airport in Johannesburg was so cold the metal bench was sapping my heat away. So cold it was such a long night. All the shops were closed and there was no internet nor power sockets. At windhoek I nearly couldn't pass customs. All the counters started closing and directing me to another and the last one had escorted someone away. Scary. The last plane I took to get to Luderitz had a diameter of 2 meters interior! Smaller planes have less ear pressure, I wonder why.

 I nearly missed my last plane. The airport was so small you had to walk out to the landing strips and the waiting area was just one for all. The sign said south african airlines bound for Johannesburg so I didn't approach, yet it was time already!! so when I did go and find out it was my flight I had to literally run to the plane! and also Some one took my seat and didn't give it up!! Terrible. They are a little inconsiderate. And I've noticed they shuffle their feet while running. It is amusing. I was watching them at the airport.

When I arrived at Johannesburg, met so many people. The Chinese tourists on the flight there told me I was so brave and awesome to travel alone hahaha. They said that in passing. Then, while sleeping over at Johannesburg I met this Japanese lady, Leiko, she just spent a month in Namibia, and another in India and has no plan where's she going next! Quit her job, up-ed and left, going away for a year with a 15kg luggage and worn out normal sneakers! I wanna be like her and do that! She's 30. Sweet, smiley lady talking to any strangers that talk to her. I wonder how does she keep safe. She can't drive! Then inside Johannesburg airport after checking in I met a Chinese man going to Namibia,  he thought I was mainland chinese and I didn't understand half of what he was saying, but I did catch that he's living in Namibia and they have a substantial population of Chinese :)

When I got to Luderitz airport it was only a little bit bigger than a 5 room flat!! (The old ones) I had a mouthful of sand as a greeting from Luderitz. pui pui!! Quite funny though. Tess, the researcher I'm working under was late. Then I realised that Tess and Simon are a couple. They are the researchers I'm working under. Its alot of hard work here. There's another intern, a masters student and pHD student. Everyone's really into their work and have been here since May. I wish I was here in May, then it wouldn't be so difficult to fit in now.

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