Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Heaviside Dolphins

 Endemic to these parts of Africa, I'm studying one of the smallest dolphins in the world :)

Well the office work I'm helping out with is regarding bottle-nosed dolphins. see how I have to identify photos to see if they are of the same individual or not. So after 3 days I'm almost done, went through 197 dolphins, 60 odd more to go :) I think they gave me something irrelevant to while away my time but oh well.

Its amazing, today we spotted a Southern Right whale! We went about 10m away from it nearest. My first whale sighting. Its really something different to be out at sea spotting animals, hence the wildlife tourism. But that's not good because those tourist vessels harass the animals unnecessarily and cause stress and induce trauma like propeller injuries. So.... not everyone is so lucky like me! I'm still trying to fit in. It is difficult, I don't know many of the habits, speech patterns, cooking styles, even CHOPPING. I get it all wrong. Washing one cup, big no no, have to wait for a full load. And I thought I was being good by washing when there are dishes there. And oh gosh they don't rinse the soap off! Just set it aside with all the bubbles, to either be wiped or sit there. Cooking a lot of western food like baking bread and gnooki. Well I help out with the preparation of ingredients. This I hope to bring back as something learned, though I doubt I'll know the recipe I hope to get the cooking habits and intuition. I'm really stressed when I can't fit in, don't know what to do with myself hovering about the kitchen table trying to be useful and not get in the way. UGH! I want to belong and feel relaxed! But the food they cook is great, Tess is a great cook.

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