Thursday, 4 August 2011

Priscilla Ahn...

I cannot remember what happened on Monday. Oh. lost in bidding, moved stuff to school, had a horrible room, came home, prepared for TUESDAY!!!

So important is this concert such that I fasted from her music for the past two weeks. Yupp for a fortnight I refrained from listening to Priscilla Ahn's music. My first and so far only idol. When she came on stage and almost immediately sang DREAM.... I was close to tears! AGAIN! (maybe I'm having mood/hormonal swings).

Photos with P.Ahn will be up when I get them from Huiting's friend Siti. I hope she doesn't lose them like how Huiting lost my photo with Budak Pantai!!! I love those guys. Danny's cute heheheheheheeeee....

Anyway P.Ahn's new album's music is much like her old one but with different collaborations and musical effects on the keyboard. Its still very whimsical and quirky with a sweet tune. Watching her performance live is brilliant! I think its the way she communicates with the audience, telling stories of how she came up with the song, relating us to the meaning of the song to her, this is much better than just picking up the song from the CD, not knowing fully what is the message of the meaning of the song to the songwriter.

I nearly flared up at a good but not too close friend online. So close. I think I'm getting moody over everyone being too busy for each other. Getting insistent that we all have to be, you know... together forever. crazy woo wee..
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