Thursday, 4 August 2011

National Day Parade Preview.

I love NDP. I love SG!

I want to always attend NDP live. I know its like sometimes quite propaganda-ish... but I love this country all the same. I love the fact that we are and will continue to be racially harmonious, and we have all this international people, and we have HDBs and unique housing structure. I love the town, the MRT the keeping clean policies, and how its mostly peaceful.

This year's parade was a blast, some songs were so funny because of how amazingly propaganda-ish it can be! "I gotta work I gotta work I GOTTA WORK! I gotta rush I gotta rush I gotta RUSH!" And how they infused history all over again but in a new way. How many times can you tell the same story of the Prince and the boat and the lion without it getting stale? Apparently many times! :D I love this year's theme song in a heartbeat (as posted in the earlier blog post), and how they infused the whole song, verse by verse into different parts of the musical.

Also they managed to infuse the military showcase into the storyline, well though it was a dream (you know how you can write Pri school compos as a dream and anything can happen?) it was still good.

Do you ever feel so much for the country you get moved by the anthem and pledge to tears? THATS ME!

NDP makes me all hyper and participative. There was only one wave this time though. how lousy. I don't like how people don't participate and give stares at people (I.E me) who do. I want to spit in their goodie bags cause they make me so mad and unhappy. :( I'll cheer and holler whenever I want if you please. Ridiculous. Don't go for a parade if you're gonna be all stone and silent! come on you can do that in front of your telly!

Not much photos cause Bosty found me irritating as well.


  1. AWWW. i wasn't THAT irritated. just have yet to got into the mood :)

  2. tiff xy?!?!

    bosty you got get into the mood after that meh? hahaha tsk tsk