Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Monday, February 21, 2011

I've just finished watching "Mona Lisa smile" starring Julia Roberts and Kristen Dunst.

For all those aimlessly wandering, not all who wander are lost.

Its a deep and thought provoking movie that gives insights into the crossing over of ladies into womanhood in the 50's. I love the 50's, with swing dancing and poodle skirts, or rock and roll and parties and everyone in dresses.

I love how studying is an active and determined decision that takes effort to go against societal ideals.

Despite how everything is revolving around "women have greater rights now, Women are equal, women are able to continue their studies" It should not be about what we should do, fulfilling societal ideals (current one being continuing further studies be successful in a job). I believe it should instead be that everyone should do what they want. On the same note, it is important for us to be educated and inspired with what life has to offer. Live life with open eyes and opinions such that what we know our choices and would lead fulfilling and enriching lives.

Be successful Be happy.

Study hard Learn.

Seize the day.

Funny thing about this phrase Carpe Diem, My previous school used it in a fashion to urge us to grasp hold of time and so to speak "chiong" "mug" study for our upcoming examinations.

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