Sunday, 9 January 2011

Sunday, January 09, 2011

nobody reads this. shoot. hopefully, cause the last post was done rashly and also forgotten for too long.

well well something to tell anyone who sees this. No matter how well you know someone, living with anyone is a totally new experience especially for a month. Cause each person's living habits are different.

It was a hard, bitter and spiteful lesson to learn. This trip was bittersweet. You'll often realise a different side of people and perhaps hopefully know them better or unfortunately realise their true colours. But overall one thing I hold fast to is that month long holidays in a particular overseas country are good. You can truly immerse in the different lifestyle and culture only if you spend an extended amount of time. heeee.

passed chemistry.

contemplating migration because my mom loves loves loves loves loves US and the American dream of starting a new life. I think she won't mind leaving behind most of the woes here. Maybe not complete migration? Perhaps obtaining a PR? A work permit initially? Then come back here. Too bad bosty has a staunch negative view on this.

I want to ask a certain someone certain questions. What I'll do with the answers I don't know.

If there's nothing I should stop thinking dreaming anticipating. If there's something I should think harder :)

Can we say that siblings are not needed? That one should not be too attached? That we should be independent? I see the pain it brings but no joys. Why so? Any reasons for sticking together helping each other, being nice?

I can no longer write as I used to. But I shall try.

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