Thursday, 27 January 2011


Has 3 kinds of shoes. Black leather shoes, slippers, hush puppies boots.
Wears high black socks with black shoes.
White underwear.
Chanel men's cologne which he routinely applies before going to work.

When I was about 5 to 10 I would jump into his arms when he came home from work around 7. He would still smell of his cologne. I often hid and surprised him when he enters the door. Or play the digital piano for sound effects of door opening and footsteps.

He has one old hairbrush which my mom had been using but I don't know where she kept it now.
wooden handle metal bristles. Probably as old as I can remember.
It still smells like him.
We haven't washed his PJs. Haven't kept them. They're still hanging outside.
The smell's diffusing. So is the smell of his pillows.

My favourite shirt of his is goldlion light pink long sleeved formal one. For new year's. He likes it too. And his dark green and blue one. But we burnt most of his clothes already. except the pink one I'm keeping that. Ma bought many new clothes for his birthday. Shoes, shirts, pants. We have to give them away. Humbear is really skinny. I cannot wear his pants. I try though. He has knobby knees, maybe thats why he doesn't wear shorts, three quarter pants and anything above the ankle. Jeans, pants, and Pjs. All long pants.

I haven't held his hands while walking since he came back from China. Grew up. I used to before he went to China. China for 5 years. I used to hold his hand while we walk out. Maybe to go out, or eat roti prata at our favourite shop outside Rosyth. Humbear walks really fast. Whenever we walk out of the house I'ld hold his hand. Or play with his hand in the taxi during New year's visiting. That game that one person pokes the other's open palm and the other tries to catch the finger. He has large meaty hands. but with fungal infection on his nails that eat away at his nails. But it doesn't bother him anyways. I held his hand again during his last moments. But he probably doesn't know.

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