Monday, 2 July 2012

A sun-drenched land

My wanders have brought me to a sun-drenched land,
To abandoned towns half-buried in sand.
Where as far as the eye can see,
There's not a soul but you and me.
Bones, bones scattered about,
but its for diamonds we're on a lookout.
Howling winds and quaking doors,
Going out to sea, coming home with sores.
Zooming over the open sea,
Over white horses and swells there's lots to see.
There to the horizon! Whales and dolphins,
seals and gannets, cormorants and penguins.
The time will come, for me to leave,
to fly away across the seas.
But the soul's not at rest, the heart not still.
To come back to this land, I must, I will. 

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