Saturday, 28 July 2012

I don't know where am I going

I talked a little to Dr.seow... About my future. (perhaps the lack of it?) What am I doing? Am I cut out for academics? shitty results IQ/ Studying abilities wise I'm probably not cut out for it. Why do something you're not good at. I can't put my finger on it, whether or not I am eager to pursue it fully, or remain where I am, doing other people's experiments. Or do I want to write, publish, write my own stuff.

Or the safe gov job zone. Which none have replied. WELL NONE replied other the one I'm doing now. Sheesh.

Or go teach. My friends have started leaving their schools their (contract teaching) to join NIE for PGDE the 1 yr course 3 yr bond. All of them missing their students having farewells. Knowing where they're headed.

When I'm on campus now, I feel like I'm looking at students from the outside. Wondering if they know where they're heading.

I've just I realised, I can pray. :)

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  1. Jiayou and hope you find your direction. And trust me, IQ has nothing to do with school results - because I have crappy results when my IQ is above average, muahahaha...