Saturday, 10 December 2011

women in history

Well today, I watched two movies! ''Enid'' and ''Temple Grandin'' not to difficult to guess what they were about yes? HBO movies are good. I'm not sure if this counts as a review but well not reliable, definately biased and just an account of my views.

Visit the real Dr. Grandin answers some questions.

Temple Grandin is a true story! And my prof just talked about her last semester! I was so happy to know what was going to happen before it did in the movie. See she has austism and still overcame many difficulties and went on to college and made a big difference in the animal husbandry industry. She understood the behaviour of cows really well and made this applicable and economical for farms and slaughterhouse to implement her methods. Methods in which were more humane and treated the cows with respect instead of scaring them out of their wits and without and reason to either.

'Enid' was insightful to know the life story of the author of many of my childhood stories, the whishing chair, the enchanted tree, famous five, other short stories... Didn't know she was so weird and had such a difficult life. Acted by helena bohman carter! Really good. I realised what she (helena) meant when she mentioned in a 'the end of harry potter', ''people think actors reinvent themselves in each character and we do try but I find myself still in each character'' or something along those lines... And I see her in it! Because when she was acting all controlling and tyrannical in 'Enid' it was the same tone and style as 'Alice in wonderland' the red queen! :p also when's she's acting like she's socially queer (not caring what people think), its like Bellatrix. Hehee loved the movie. Didn't know Enid Blyton had an awful personality, pushed away her husband and kids. Also don't know if I can take the movie as the truth. :)

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