Monday, 19 December 2011

We all WANT figgy pudding

This house needs a bit more liveliness. Hence the gatherings I'm organising! But I'm so fearful of rejection. Yikes. Had Shing and Cher over already. Lots of fun even Nugget couldn't take our craziness! :) Taboo with them is really fun! Gonna have a JC class gathering on Friday. They seem a bit overboard. alcohol and crazy people doesn't seem to go well together. I'll have to watch and see that they don't puke or pour stuff on the very precious sofa. I know I asked and Ma said its fine but I don't think she knows what she's agreeing to. Anyway another one on 28th for G3 girls :) twister and Taboo and sleepover! 30th for choir lovelies. :) Happy that this xmas season is going to be jolly and not lonely!

Lets not think about that. I'm going to the esplanade library to hunt for something! Its a surprise if I can find it. :D

P.S. Didn't find it in the end!

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