Friday, 18 March 2011

I'm having an expensive craving :)

garrett's popcorn by sevenworlds16
garrett's popcorn a photo by sevenworlds16 on Flickr.
I love the tin can the most. Suddenly having the popcorn in a grimy paper bag is no longer sufficient and will not do at all. One day I'll claim this beauty! Isn't this a lovely photo, it shows both the cheese flavoured and caramel flavoured popcorn :) I wonder if the tin is air tight enough to keep the popcorn fresh for a few days. A gallon is hard to finish in a day or so. Doesn't this match my blog wallpaper? <3

This is a definate must-try for people who love an explosion of flavour in their mouths. Find it at City Link and Resorts world sentosa! :) *Garrett's popcorn shop*

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