Sunday, 27 March 2011

Birthday Idea

I've got an idea for my birthday. But I'm afraid of any criticism. I know my taste of songs are different and people may not be appreciative. So any solutions to that? I want to force people to listen to me just cause... come on can't you listen to me for one day a year? Its my party and I'll cry if I want to. Is it not right to force people to listen to me? I want to enjoy myself on that day. Though I'll enjoy this, part of my enjoyment comes from my guests enjoying the event as well... HMMM!! I need help planning and some outside viewpoint.

Can you guess what's it going to be? :)

Hopefully I'll have a budget for balloons.... Whoopee doo... Gotta earn more now and save for it then!

Maybe I could make everyone go to the hawker centre and eat their dinner first. Balloons are expensive! >.< Balloons seem to be first priority to me HEHEHE Pink floating balls of helium with pretty ribbons. Maybe don't invite anyone and spend my night staring as a ceiling full of balloons and playing my music to myself. Whimsical but lonely. Surrounded by people yet afraid and worried. WHICH??

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