Tuesday, 14 February 2012


So when a good friend passingly says, "Why so insecure?" Amidst what I would call kidding around. Brain goes into code red. Guts churn and you so wish the floor was an abyss. OR at least turn back time and have said something else. How does it slip out?

Self-confidence. So subtle, so out of my reach. Its not being over confident, not showy and boasting. Realised how often insecurity is starting to show. When I get too excited over an achievement, repeating it to myself and others. When I evade talking about what I can do because I don't know its worth. Jokes aside I guess people can see through me! Perhaps its not about if I talk to much about something or downplay it alot, but rather the way I talk about it. ARGH the transparency is sickening. Feel as if people can look into me and point and say "why is your kidney purple!"

Okay, what's that question again? Do you think you're awesome? :) Let's go think about it. Believe in yourself.

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  1. Hello! Don't feel insecure coz you are AWESOME!

    Though, I do avoid eye contacts with people so that I won't feel that 'transparent' sometimes, haha!