Tuesday, 10 April 2012


Have just been recently reminded by JY how I have been for these 3 years?

Before Uni : "AHHHH I don't wanna go to school so scary can't make it!"

Before/just began staying in hall: "AHHHH I don't want to stay in hall any more! no friends! So lonely so difficult! Don't know who to eat with during dinner, feel outcasted!"

Subsequent years wanting to stay in hall: "AHHHH I don't want to leave hall! I miss my friends! Staying in hall is too good! I have to find a way to stay for year 3! So sad leaving hall!"

Before being KE Choir head: "AHHHH! I don't think I can handle being choir head! I can't teach can't find conductor won't do well!"

Now leaving choir: ":(:(:( Don't want to leave choir"

Now leaving Uni: "Wish I can continue"

I can't put a word to describe me or this 'syndrome' being portrayed. Anyone? :D I probably do this all the while. Eg, before performing, choosing songs (Especially this, for amplitude I asked sooo many people about o mio babbino caro. and now nessun dorma). Before applying to something. I verbally vomit all the fears and doubts and probably send people I'm talking to insane. :(

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